What is Cryptocurrency Gambling?

What is Cryptocurrency Gambling

Have you heard about online gambling sites that accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment? Well, the gambling industry has been on a search for innovate ways to improve the way payments are processed, especially with the expenses that come with the traditional methods. Luckily, cryptocurrencies can help out with that. However, the collaboration between cryptocurrencies […]

What Crypto-Exchange Is and What Traders Do There

We all know those good old stock, foreign, commodity and other exchanges. Generally speaking, there are places, where people, which can be representatives of institutions or independent individuals, trade their financial assets. For example, if I have dollars and I want to buy euros, I go to forex market and trade them. If I have Apple stocks but I believe that their value is going to decline soon, I go to stock exchange and trade they for fiat money or other stocks.

Can I play online casino for bitcoin? 5 Top Expert Pieces of Advice

Bitcoin for gambling is a very profitable idea! This is especially true for many players who want to enjoy bitcoin gambling, but do not want to share their financial information or open a bank account.  The number of bitcoin online gambling sites that accept cryptocurrency is growing rapidly, which makes it an excellent alternative to more traditional methods of deposit making.

Litecoin. A brief review

Do you know that 2011, in response to a growing wave of criticism towards Bitcoin, the famous programmer Charlie Lee founded the Litecoin cryptonym? Initially, he did not want anything fundamentally new, but simply, using BTC technology (source code), to create an analog with all the eliminated flaws. In such a way a new digital currency popped up like a crypto-silver equivalent.

What is Blockchain and How it Works

If to explain it to the people who are really far from science & IT, this is a principle on which bitcoin is built. But there are, perhaps, dozens of other ways to use it except for cryptocurrency. There are many people who call the blockchain using such words as “revolutionary”, “unimaginable”, “profitable”. Are you already among them?