Basic Safety Rules for Purchasing Cryptocurrency

Why is the security of buying cryptocurrency so hot topic? Many claims that this is not just a fashionable question and they are absolutely right. Now we tell you why.

Source Of Future Tresures

In most cases, a person who is interested in cryptocurrencies pursues some goals. Basically – this is a new way of a successful investment, a new type of saving and, of course, the possibility of play in the market of digital money.

Let’s start with a simple one. It seems to you got that the rate of a certain cryptocurrency will rise in the long term. It happens, and this we see on the example of bitcoin. Here everything is simple – we create a payback bitcoin and output it to a local purse or online service. You are just waiting and enjoying, calculating the profit in mind.

But there are some important issues to not forget:


It all depends on the amounts with which you will work using the cryptocurrency. Everything is very similar to cash transactions. Small amounts of about one hundred or three hundred dollars can be kept in the online wallet and in the local, not particularly bothering yourself. Of course, you need to take security measures and with such amounts.


Encrypt it and make a backup copy. This is the minimum action available to anyone and takes one minute of your time. Naturally, monitor the level of protection of your PC system. If there is a myriad of viruses there is no sense in buying BTC or other stuff.


Choose the most popular exchanges & platforms and make all the recommended security measures. We think the online service itself will offer you to go through these steps to reduce the likelihood of theft of funds. In principle, this set of actions for minor amounts is enough to reduce the probability of hijacking your funds and to guarantee you your quiet sleep. The chance of theft is equal to the same ones that occur when shopping on market or the dark streets of unsuccessful neighborhoods.


Buy more than one thousand coins to save them only on your local wallet, however even this is not quite enough. Use a different type of personal encryption. This is approximate as in a personal home safe. Then in order to extract a small amount of money, conduct such a ritual:

  • scan the PC for viruses;
  • restore the wallet from the backup;
  • transfer of part of the sum to another one;
  • make backup vice versa;
  • remove the wallet from the computer.

Rely Only On Proven Exchanges

Before buying any digital currencies, make sure they are not fake – it is not a joke. Litecoin or Ethereum are also among the most desirable coins. But probably you are a fan of another currency? Read professional reviews and ask advice of professional traders where and what to buy.