Review of Lucky Games Casino

Lucky Games may be one of the most generically called gambling websites of all time, but that is irrelevant, since despite its hackneyed four-leaf clover emblem, every other aspect of this site is refreshingly original. Or, if not unique, at the very least novel, colorful, and appealing. In truth, it is hard to innovate in the realm of online casinos, but Lucky Games has surely given it their all. With virtual racing, dice-based slots, and a variety of dice games, this Belgian casino is deservedly considered one of the finest in the nation.

As inhabitants of Belgium are well aware, Belgium has highly tight rules regarding internet gambling. As a result, the varieties of slots that may be played at these sites are limited, as are the methods of depositing cash and the types of games that are authorized in general. As a consequence, operators must walk cautiously in order to adhere to local laws while still offering enjoyable games. It is a fine line that Lucky Games seems to be treading.

Concerning Lucky Games

Lucky Games bills itself as the most exciting and enjoyable online casino, as most online casinos do in their About section. The material on this site is not very well written, a failing that may be excused on the grounds that English is not the site’s native language. Belgian legislation requires that internet casinos be run by firms that already possess physical casinos. In this example, Lucky Games’ online equivalent is an Antwerp amusement arcade. The arcade’s operators have over 50 years of business expertise, and Lucky Games is their first venture into the internet realm. They’ve done an excellent job.

The webpage describes how new Belgian Gambling Commission regulations implemented in January 2011 require all Belgian gaming websites to possess a certain sort of license. For instance, Lucky Games is rated a B+. Belgian gamblers may register and deposit money here with the assurance that they are doing so in a safe atmosphere that is completely legal and about as genuine as these things go. If you need customer help, you may contact the Lucky Games team through Facebook, Twitter, or the Contact page of the site. This is not a very well-designed page, since the option to contact customer service looks to be broken. This is the single flaw in an otherwise flawlessly designed and opulent black and gold website.

Utilize Bancontact in this Case

According to the logos presented in the information box on the Support page of the site, you have a variety of major methods for depositing cash into your Lucky Games account. Ideally, you should employ Bancontact, which operates as a middleman between your credit card provider and the casino. This is because credit card deposits at casinos are not permitted in Belgium. You may make a deposit using Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, or a variety of other credit cards in this way.

Alternatively, you may finance your playing account with Paysafecard. If you have questions concerning banking, you may be able to find some answers in the FAQ, but it is not written in fluent English, as previously stated. However, you should have a better experience if you browse this site in French or Dutch.

Casino Games at Lucky’s

Lucky Games offers a diverse selection of games, many of which feature dice, since this is permitted in Belgium. There are other more possibilities as well, such as roulette and cards, which do not include the use of dice. Beginning with dice games, there are mini-games to enjoy in which the objective is to align three symbols or rather three dice horizontally, diagonally, or vertically in a line. These are the most basic of games but are nonetheless enjoyable to play, and Lucky Games provides a nice range of them.

In terms of slots, there is another excellent range, but with a greater emphasis on dice symbols to comply with Belgian gambling legislation. If you don’t mind seeing dice, dice, and more dice, try your hand at games like 100 Dice, Overseas, Cupcakes Rainbow, Mojo Spin, Fire and Ice, and 20 Super Dice. It’s safe to assume that the creators of Belgian-based slots have experimented with every imaginable combination of dice in order to comply with the legislation while also delighting gamers.

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