Review of Two Fat Ladies Bingo

“Play at the UK’s top bingo site,” shouts Two Fat Ladies’ slogan. With a name like that, you’d assume this is a rather serious bingo website, but the claim is quite egotistical. Can it, therefore, live up to the claim? Will the buzz ultimately prove to be untrue? Is anybody really concerned? We do, since it is our duty to review and assess casino websites, and when we come across one that makes such outrageous claims, we can’t help but wonder why the creators believe it is acceptable.

However, as the webpage appears, things begin to seem fairly convincing. The website seems to be clean and fluid, which is more than we can say for many, and the typefaces picked are all rather beautiful – maybe not in the way that screams high end company at you, but still a significant improvement over many.

Ladies, Allow Us to Begin

The layout is rather typical, but it serves the job adequately. The top of the page is dominated by a menu row featuring connections to key parts of the site, as well as information about what’s available. ‘Join Now’, ‘Promotions’, ‘Bingo’, ‘Slots’, and ‘Casino’ are available. Thus far, so good — we know that bingo, slots, and casino games are all available.

Underneath this is the slider graphic – albeit a static one – demonstrating how you may get up to a 300 percent sign-up bonus, as well as ten free spins on the slots. This is a far better sign-up deal than we are used to seeing, but we will discuss promotions later in this review. Not that you need to—a whole row on the site is devoted to a fast review of the current specials. Below this are New Slot Games, and although we’re not sure what “new” means in this context, it demonstrates the site’s design mantra—make it plain, at the very least briefly, what we can anticipate from a membership.

Obviously, the majority of users will visit a bingo website with the express purpose of playing bingo. However, when you call the website Two Fat Ladies, you can bet your bottom dollar that the great majority of players, if not all, will be here playing bingo. With that in mind, it’s reassuring to see that Two Fat Ladies offers an abundance of bingo to those players. There are 90-Ball, 75-Ball, High 5 Bingo, Free Bingo, Progressive Bingo, and Bingo Jackpots available here, which is much more than many others.

Having said that, while other websites provide excellent walkthrough guides with visual aids to assist new members in learning how to play and win, Two Fat Ladies only provides a brief text explanation of how the various games work, which is likely to be overlooked by the majority of people, implying that freshmen (and women) will be learning how to play as they go.

Slots ‘O’ Amusement

It’s usually a good idea to avoid restricting members’ ability to participate, and Two Fat Ladies does an excellent job of this. If you click on Slots, you’ll be transported to a portion of the site that features images for each slot. There are a reasonable quantity here, however they pale in comparison to some other sites we’ve seen. Having said that, the quality of the games is what matters here—they are really excellent.

Really, a casino?

While bingo websites sometimes delve into the realm of slots, bingo websites seldom invade the region of the online casino. We’re not certain how casino websites feel about this intrusion, but from a player’s standpoint, it’s rather pleasant.

The issue with Two Fat Ladies in this regard is the scarcity of casino games. If you’re going to expand out, it’s critical to do it correctly and with sufficient time and money. Regrettably, this is not the situation in this instance. Nonetheless, like with the slots, the general quality of the games seems to be rather excellent.

Therefore, despite the fact that you only get four bangs – or rather games – for your buck, Live Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette, and Automatic Live Roulette are all excellent games to play. The issue is that if you’re not a fan of roulette, you’re plainly out of luck. Fortunately, we like roulette. Indeed, we adore it. However, it would be wonderful to have some other alternatives, like as poker, blackjack, or keno, if you’re looking for something really unique. Perhaps not unusual, but perhaps you understand what we mean.

What’s in it for you, Sirs and Madams?

Promotions have evolved into the lifeblood of bingo and casino websites, working as a magnet for new users. Two Fat Ladies, reassuringly, recognizes this and provides some fantastic incentives for you to participate in. The most notable one is your 300 percent signup bonus, which is significantly more than many others will offer. This is applicable up to the amount of £88, which isn’t a lot, but in terms of your investment – and hence value for money – it’s quite competitive.

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